H Daboor In Islamic Uneversity

The Exiled(H Daboor) wanna improve his ENGLISH language,so he joined an ENGLISH diploma in the Islamic University.

In the conversation literature teacher asked him about his opinion in the coeducation
notice:exiled(H Daboor) fond of acting

I am cool, and i wanna every body here be cool,otherwise we in the Islamic university which under control of HAMAS,and i wanna say to Said Syiam....daaaaaaaaaamn you

This issue is not debatable, and people in other places don’t waste the time in this pool shit particular in the other side of our country west bank and Arabs countries

The coeducation already applied there, and they don’t face any problems due to the mixing between guys and girls, and the community is not separated, island for men , island for women, and all the forms of life are mixed, roads , transport bla bla bla bla ....

The separation in the universities provide a confused guy,cant be cool, shocked by the truth, cant deal or communicate with his partner in the work for example, and he will be shay and confused because he hadn’t spoke with another gender, and may be he think women loves him when they said good morning.

Please guys,open yours minds,and follow the white rabbit to feel like Alice in Wonderland, see how deep the rabbit-hole goes "Quote-The Matrix".

I suggest rename Gaza,how about "New Tora bora" like New York,New Tora Bora its a coool name, we are a victims of history and geography, some people here in Gaza born and die in a little damn k.m, he thought that is the cool world,the perfect world,the holly land,land of Virginity!!

Please follow the white rabbit,the truth lie in the deepness,and have anice life in New Tora Borah

The Beards men look at H Daboor and they said in a one voice "daaaaaamn you HERETIC"


Cognition Sense said...


Daaaaaamn you for writing this funny post!!

Interesting and brain catching as usual. Love reading you.

Coeducation is cool and "beautiful"

المنفي said...

beautiful comment from beautiful woman
daaaaaaamn your beauty :P

Anonymous said...

i will let alla knows about your firned beauty:)

giss who i am :) of course you will know me

your blogger is so nice i like it
but dont say swear words GGGRRRRR

إسلام محمد said...


I am just wondering
is it real that he was allowed to enter the IUG
If that is true then Wow it's terrific ..
mmm About the literature doctor
was he Mr. Akram Habeeb ?

By the way
Nice Writing

المنفي said...

I think that IUG has changed its idology, it tends to pragmatism now,so she has no proplem if hdaboor or someone else being in.

No Islam he was not Akram habiib
thank u

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